Nintendo Revolution is still alive.



Most of us have got used to the “Wii” name, but we still regret that Nintendo decides to change the name, somehow “Revolution” is more appealing to the Nintendo fan base. I was looking at the bottom of the wii remote today, and found out that the No. Part of the Wii-mote is: RVL-003, so decide to go check other parts of the Wii, This is what I found:

  • Console: RVL-001
  • Power Brick: RVL-002
  • Wii-mote: RVL-003
  • Nunchuck: RVL-004
  • Console Stand: RVL-017
  • Console Stand’s Stand: RVL-019
  • And so on…

Is obvious that RVL stands for ReVoLution, so it seems that even the console refuses to leave that name. Even the games had the Revolution name on them: Zelda Twilight Princess: RVL-P-RZDE.

Wii had a mass market approach, but Revolution will stay in our hearts. Viva la Revolution!

En Español:

La mayoría de nosotros de ha acostumbrado a nombre “Wii”, pero seguimos desaprobando el hecho de que Nintendo decidiera cambiar el nombre, de alguna forma, “Revolution” es mucho mas llamativo para los fans de Nintendo. Mirando la parte de abajo del control de wii me di cuenta que el numero de pieza del wii-mote es: RVL-003, y me decidí mirar otras partes del wii, esto fue lo que encontré: 

  • Consola: RVL-001
  • Cable de poder: RVL-002
  • Control: RVL-003
  • Nunchuck: RVL-004
  • Soporte de la consola: RVL-017
  • Soporte del soporte de la consola: RVL-019
  • Y asi sucesivamente

Para mi es obvio que RVL obecede al nombre ReVoLution, así que parece que incluso la consola se rehúsa ha dejar el nombre. Incluso los juegos mantienen el nombre Revolution: Zelda Twilight Princess: RVL-P-RZDE.

Wii puede tener una estrategia de mercado masivo, pero Revolution seguirá en nuestros corazones. Viva la Revolution. 



8 comentarios to “Nintendo Revolution is still alive.”

  1. Arcadium Says:

    A mi personalmente me gusta mas el nombre Wii que el revolution.

    Anyway: (Via Vivanintendo)

  2. Arcadium Says:

    Por cierto quien puso el articulo fui yo

    By the way, the one who posted the thread was me.

  3. Osc1882 Says:

    Nintendo most likely didn’t name it the Revolution for the same reason why the N64 wasn’t called the “Ultra 64”. It is true that Revolution is just what the wii system is. It is also true that Revolution sounds bad ass. But, Nintendo will most likely keep on making Revolutions for all of their systems.

  4. Arcadium Says:

    The GameCube started with DOL, which its codename was the Dolphin, the same is happening with the Wii

  5. Kerri Says:

    wii is a much nicer name
    but im glad the revolution is still with us
    arcadium is right about the DOL in GCN stuff.

    The DS stuff has the suffix of NTR for its codename Nitro as well.

  6. dpcough Says:


  7. tg Says:

    RVL-005 is classic controler

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