Carbon for Wii, not so hot.


I’ve been taking a look on some Need For Speed Carbon (NFSC) footage for Nintendo Wii today (Check IGN and GameTrailers) and let me tell you, I didn’t like what I saw. That game look slightly better than Need For Speed Most Wanted (NFSMW) for the GameCube and nowhere near as good as NFSMW for the XBOX 360. And don’t give me the “But it’s all about the new ways to play”, because in this game you only use the wii-mote as a steering wheel, the same functionality could be achieved with the sixaxis controller for the PS3.
Need For Speed has always been about the looks so if you got a PS3 (or even a Xbox 360) and a Wii, I think i’d be better to get NFSC for the PS3 (or even the 360). This is the kinda game that makes it worthy to get a wii60 combo.

carbon1.jpg carbonps3.jpg carbonx360.jpg

7 comentarios to “Carbon for Wii, not so hot.”

  1. Infamous Says:

    Yeah, i just saw the trailer for it for the wii and wow is it pixely. Im a big need for speed fan and im still playing nfsmw on my pc, and one thing i want is details details details. And the games ive been seeing being played on the ps3 look amazing, even though its probly a 4,000 tv.

    But im a hardcore games, and not a family gamer (like my manager says to describe the ps3 and wii.)

    Have fun playing your mario kart games future wii owners!

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