Who Wii are?


The real question that should be address is ¿What would it be of us without NINTENDO? Just imagine a childhood without Mario, Zelda or Donkey Kong, I will put it in one word BORING!!!..

We have created this blog to share our thoughts and experiences of NINTENDO with you.

Yes we are fanboyz (really, can you blame us?), but for sure you won’t find any “I Hate sony” or “Die Microsoft, Die die DIE!!” in here; we also enjoy playing games on other systems, we just think nintendo rocks!!!


Una respuesta to “Who Wii are?”

  1. juan Says:

    Diego, you must be thinking about how to improve your development at your office instead of create a web blog !! but as you always said, ” the best think to do is nothing!!!

    by the way, write something about the interactive benefits for the kids in this new way or playing!!


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